[Cin] 3 request

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 21:48:27 CET 2020

Three non-urgent and probably impossible request.
1- Is it possible to make the Videoscope plugin act globally on the
compositor window, without the need to apply it to a track/edit? Let
me explain: whatever the video tracks are, when I click on the new
Videoscope button the plugin window opens showing the scopes of the
active track, that is the one shown in the Compositor. So there is no
need to put the plugin as last of the track/edit. This is always
active, always the last one and it works on the active track and on
the Insert Point position, which we can change at will. Basically I
ask to make the plugin "global" and not anchored to its track and its
position in the stack of plugins. Its activation does not require to
find it among the video plugins, but to click on a button, or menu,
placed in Program windows. Of course it remains the possibility to use
the plugin as it has always been.
I don't know if I'm making myself clear. I'm gonna put in a photo montage:

2- I don't remember if it had already been discussed. In resource
window, when creating one or more user bins, you can also create
subfolders, i.e. nested inside the main folders (Media and Clip). And
the subfolders can also contain other subfolders. In practice:

  -user bin 1
  -user bin 2
    -user bin 3
  -user bin A
    -user bin a
    -user bin b
  -user bin B

3- In the Sketcher plugin you can select the top points of the shape
and drag it to other coordinates, so you can easily change the shape?
Similar to the Mask tool.

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