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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 21:25:43 CET 2020

> 3- In the Sketcher plugin you can select the top points of the shape
> and drag it to other coordinates, so you can easily change the shape?
You can do this already.  Make sure the "Drag" button is checked on, then
click on an existing point so that it will turn the color red, finally hold
down the Ctrl key and the Left Mouse Button while moving. If this is not
what you meant, let me know as maybe the Help checkbox information is not

1- Is it possible to make the Videoscope plugin act globally on the
> compositor window, without the need to apply it to a track/edit?
Will have to see if GG understands this request.  The Videoscope definitely
needs work but one of GG's least favorite topics.  I will add this
explanation to BT # 71 so it can be addressed while working on that.

> 2- I don't remember if it had already been discussed. In resource
> window, when creating one or more user bins, you can also create
> subfolders, i.e. nested inside the main folders (Media and Clip). And
> the subfolders can also contain other subfolders. In practice:
> -clips
>   -user bin 1
>   -user bin 2
>     -user bin 3
I do not remember any discussion about this.  It could look something like
the Video Effects explansion display for Color Correction, Motion,...  I am
assuming that this might be do-able so it will go in the list of
possibilities. gg/Phyllis

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