[Cin] Merry Xmas!

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Jan 4 10:19:25 CET 2020

Phyllis/GG wrote:
> we were hoping you got a replacement for "Charlie" for Christmas, but 
> from today's email, I guess not.  But since most likely your 
> replacement will be an upgrade, Bill and I decided that its name 
> should be "Charlene".
Aahahahah. You and Bill made me cry with laughter.
"Charlene" is really a good name. I like it and would be a fantastic 
name for the next Notebook.

Unfortunately, I think that will have to use "Charlie" again. I I don't 
want to open all my ".xml" Project files with a text editor and change 
the path. Usually I do not use "flat" structure for a project.

Guys, your are funny. (the day start with a smile)


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