[Cin] Nested clip and proxy

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 00:42:45 CET 2020

I am working on fixing some information on "Nesting" and adding "Open EDL"
section to the Editing.tex LaTex version of the manual.  In doing so, I
have been trying to finally understand more about nesting myself, in
particular in respect to Proxy and IgorB's email.  So here is some feedback
on an old email.

By my tests/works, you CAN create proxies for Nested clips.
I will correct this in the Latex Editing section.

> Proxies are created in Cinelerra folder (where there is "cin" file)

This is a BUG ! (by Cinelerra folder, this means the Linux O/S cinelerra
directory where the binary file is).  It should be in the same directory as
the original media and not here because it will not get easily deleted.

> Before saving your project, pay attention to disable Proxy feature.
> You MUST SAVE your PROJECT with PROXY DISABLED otherwise you lose the
> link to the clips (more or less).
I just bet that this is related to the above BUG and I have informed gg and
when the bug is fixed will check to see if this solves this problem also.
Losing link to the clips is only referring to nested clips, not regular
clips as far as I can tell.

THANK you IgorB for pointing these anomalies out but sorry it took so long
to get back to you and put it right in the manual.
P.S. I am still trying to find the icons you supplied awhile back that
replace the hand drawn ones used in the Load files menu.  At the time I was
too far behind, but now I would like to see if gg can use them.
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