[Cin] Nested clip and proxy

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Jan 12 12:02:55 CET 2020

Thanks Phyllis and GG.
For the Nesting and Open_EDLI I will wait for a consolidate version. It 
is very time consuming to learn a workflow and then to change it again.
Every time GG make a change in software it is a great time consuming 
also for who have to update the Manual, I think. Same think for who have 
(would like) to do a video tutorial.
I like cinelerra-gg but I am not a fun of the rolling release.
I would like a release where users have more time to test in depth; 
usually this pre-release is called candidate release (all of you know).
So the Manual,and the video tutorial, has a few of time to reflect the 
Of course, even though  a "stable" release is out, there would always be 
the rolling release (month release).

> I am still trying to find the icons you supplied awhile back that 
> replace the hand drawn ones used in the Load files menu.  At the time 
> I was too far behind, but now I would like to see if gg can use them.
Okay. I added a "tar.gz" file for that.


The new "Charlie" is with me.
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