[Cin] Crash when using DenoiseFFT

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Wed Jan 22 00:40:20 CET 2020


I have a sort-of-completely-reliable crash when using the DenoiseFFT
plugin: when the plugin is enabled, everything is fine; when disabled, then
it dies within about a second on either playback or rendering.

The reason for saying sort-of-completely-reliable is because it only
crashes with one specific project. I spent a while working on it, with
DenoiseFFT enabled, and then it started falling over, so it's clearly
something in my project which is doing this. But I don't know what (I
needed to get things done so after I figured out it was DenoiseFFT's fault
I just disabled it and continued).

Attached is the full crash dump and video.xml file. The crash still
manifests without the assets being available so it should be easy to

I hope this is useful...

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