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About the Info deinterlacing stuff -- it is in closed BT #248.  Here is a

Olaf quote paraphases:
The "Asset Info window" contains three lines about interlacing (manual page
53). The default setting is "automatically fix interlacing". I seem to
remember that someone on the CV mailing list wrote that these settings
didn't do anything. But if it doesn't work, it should be removed. Because
such a thing obviously only causes confusion.

IgorUbuntu quote:
"In each media file properties it is possible to define the "Asset's
interlacing". Asset's interlacing => "The type of interlacing the asset
has" (In asset-> you set the interlacing mode of the source material.)...
For each asset, if cinelerra can detect the interlacing for the
source, (*currently
only for quicktime-DV* at the moment) it will set the interlacing as
appropriate, otherwise it will default to "unknown"..."

GG did:
The lines in the Resource window, Media Info that read "Fix Interlacing"
and "Interlacing correction" have been deleted from the code base. The line
"Asset's interlacing" is retained as this field is used for creating DVDs.

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 1:03 AM Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>

> About the chapter on plugins in the manual I would like to ask some
> questions:
> In Resource --> Info, the entries about automatic de-interlacing had
> been removed because they were not working. Do you remember the
> discussion where it was discussed? I can't find it.
> The Gradient Plugin was reworked; but the modifications were hidden,
> weren't they? Hasn't the configuration window changed?
> Are there any other plugins (except Sketcher and Tracer) that have changed?
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