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Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 16:13:17 CEST 2020

Yes there is a problem; it is impossible to move a sound track 
individually. It always moves as a group of sound tracks even in "Gang 
None" mode.


Le 20-07-01 à 03 h 02, Igor BEGHETTO a écrit :
>> 2. *IMPORTANT - Changed Behavior*:
>>     A minor change to “move up” and “move down” tracks was implemented 
>> to correct what was an exchange on the top track or bottom track 
>> instead of a move.
> What???
> I didn't understand. Are You saying that the new behaviour to rearrange 
> the tracks by Menu
> - Tracks-> MoveTracksUp (Shift+Up)
> - Tracks-> MoveTracksDown (Shift+Down)
> and its shortcuts is right now?
> I really hope is it a bug (see MantisBT #469) because for me it has no 
> sense the new behaviour.
> Now,  that behaviour turn the tracks as in a wheel. And It is wrong 
> because you can not rearrange the tracks exactly as you want. It has no 
> sense.
> The right way was what you can see in the video 
> http://www.visi1.org/cinelerra-gg_tutorials#ReArrangeTracksOrder
> and you can test with the Cin_20200531 release.
> Until the Cin_20200531 release it worked perfectly.
> Cinelerra-HV and Cinelerra-CV work as before in Cinelerra-gg.
> By Cinelerra-CV manual:
> 7.6 Manipulating tracks. Move tracks up and Move tracks down shift all 
> the armed tracks up or down the stack.
> I really hope You (developers) and Users like Sam, Pierre, Andrea_paz, 
> Andrew, MatN, AVLinux, RafaMar, and so on, think like me.
> I can not work with the last (wrong) behaviour of Cinelerra-gg_20200630.
> Thanks!
> IgorBeg

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