[Cin] New monthly pkgs and tars available on the website

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed Jul 1 18:22:05 CEST 2020

I like the new feature, but in a modified way. It would be very good if 
both possibilities still existed. So that I can move a track 
individually, like Igor and Pierre said, but also a video track with the 
corresponding audio tracks, but not like in a wheel. It would have the 
advantage that users like Igor or Pierre would have their old desired 
handling and people like me who like to move the audio tracks along with 

Maybe you could do the following:
SHIFT + CTRL + arrow keys represent the new feature
SHIFT + arrow keys represent the old behaviour


Am 01.07.20 um 16:13 schrieb Pierre autourduglobe:
> Yes there is a problem; it is impossible to move a sound track 
> individually. It always moves as a group of sound tracks even in "Gang 
> None" mode.
> Pierre
> Le 20-07-01 à 03 h 02, Igor BEGHETTO a écrit :
>>> 2. *IMPORTANT - Changed Behavior*:
>>>     A minor change to “move up” and “move down” tracks was 
>>> implemented to correct what was an exchange on the top track or 
>>> bottom track instead of a move.
>> What???
>> I didn't understand. Are You saying that the new behaviour to 
>> rearrange the tracks by Menu
>> - Tracks-> MoveTracksUp (Shift+Up)
>> - Tracks-> MoveTracksDown (Shift+Down)
>> and its shortcuts is right now?
>> I really hope is it a bug (see MantisBT #469) because for me it has 
>> no sense the new behaviour.
>> Now,  that behaviour turn the tracks as in a wheel. And It is wrong 
>> because you can not rearrange the tracks exactly as you want. It has 
>> no sense.
>> The right way was what you can see in the video 
>> http://www.visi1.org/cinelerra-gg_tutorials#ReArrangeTracksOrder
>> and you can test with the Cin_20200531 release.
>> Until the Cin_20200531 release it worked perfectly.
>> Cinelerra-HV and Cinelerra-CV work as before in Cinelerra-gg.
>> By Cinelerra-CV manual:
>> 7.6 Manipulating tracks. Move tracks up and Move tracks down shift 
>> all the armed tracks up or down the stack.
>> I really hope You (developers) and Users like Sam, Pierre, 
>> Andrea_paz, Andrew, MatN, AVLinux, RafaMar, and so on, think like me.
>> I can not work with the last (wrong) behaviour of Cinelerra-gg_20200630.
>> Thanks!
>> IgorBeg

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