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In all the editors I've used to date, when I nest one project into another,
only a single file is visible in the resource window. Note that this is so,
in Cinelerra, when the .xml is loaded as nested, perfect. But when we open
this .xml to make any changes and close it, all the files that are
contained in the .xml remain in the resource window, and this is confusing,
very confusing for the technician who edits the video. It is the only app I
know of that does this, so I thought it was a bug.
Thanks for the interest Phyllis.

El vie., 10 jul. 2020 a las 5:36, Phyllis Smith via Cin (<
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> Rafa,
> I have watched your video and have discovered that I am totally clueless.
> When GG gets a chance, he will have to look at this and decide if it is
> doing what he expects it to and can explain it to me.  I have put a note on
> his computer to look at it -- I expect a very interesting response from him
> !  Phyllis
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 5:25 PM Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin <
> cin at> wrote:
>> Today I have been looking at nesting EDL, it seems like a wonderful
>> function, but I have found a problem.
>> Let me explain: When I open an .xml project in nested EDL mode, it loads
>> in resources, very well, but if I open this EDL from there to make any
>> changes, all the files of this project are loaded, which is very normal to
>> occur this, so far so good, but when I close the EDL to return to the
>> project, all the files get loaded, and this has puzzled me. I think the
>> correct thing would be that when closing the EDL, only the files of this
>> new project were left in the resources window.
>> Or am I doing something wrong again?
>> I have made a video so that what I quote is better understood.
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