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Mat Nieuwenhoven mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Sat Jun 6 08:24:00 CEST 2020


Thanks, I'm well aware of it. There are a number of valid points (still some
direct links in the text, too long lines where FR and DE have the same
comment) and when they talk about formatting what they probabl;y mean is the
software info box. They are really designed to have only 1 per software page,
and pick up info from wikidata. I'll continue the discussions on the various
discussion pages.


On Fri, 5 Jun 2020 23:35:28 +0200, Andrea paz wrote:

>In the wiki of Cinelerra in Italian two notes have appeared:
>"This item or section on the subject of computers is deemed to be checked.
>Reason: voice written more in fan tones than in encyclopedic language,
>probably too detailed and with unfair emphasis for such a voice"
>"This item or section on the software topic is not yet formatted
>according to standards.
>Comment: the full text replacement has lost all standard wiki-it formatting."
>I don't know how to answer the first one: there was no discussion.
>Anyway, the fans' tones are really non-existent; who knows why they
>wrote it.
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