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Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 18:34:22 CEST 2020

I think this channel on YouTube is aimed at two different clienteles; 
the two potential clienteles of CinGG.

On the one hand the beginners in editing, but who have high ambitions 
and on the other hand the "pros", who already know very well the basic 
techniques of editing but who are rather looking for specific complex 
functions that are precise and efficiently implemented. These are two 
different groups with very different expectations. The former are 
looking for simple procedures, the latter are quite prepared to deal 
with complexity and variances.

For me, I think we are talking about two different types of video 
documents: tutorials and promotional documents.

Promotional documents such as the one made by Sam, which is on the home 
page of the CinGG website, is in fact a showcase of the possibilities 
offered by CinGG. They don't aim to teach a procedure or list all the 
possible options, they just aim to showcase... to seduce... to arouse 

All companies that produce this type of document to promote their 
product or service have long understood that it is better to avoid 
exceeding 10 minutes... unless they have the possibility to tie the 
spectators to their chairs or to keep a whip in sight...

For the tutorials, which are intended to teach specific procedures and 
possibilities, I think we need two separate banks of tutorials. One for 
beginners in editing and one for "pros". Ideally, they should each have 
their own classification and aesthetic design.

It is very important that all these tutorials be short and only cover 
one topic at a time. 5 to 10 minutes maximum is a good goal for a 
tutorial that focuses on one aspect.

It's a bit like the manual... nobody reads it all at once to learn how 
to use CinGG. You usually read it one chapter or function at a time and 
only move on to the next topic after you have mastered the previous one.

These tutorials could sometimes be speechless (international) or have a 
narative voice if needed.

It would theoretically be possible to offer these tutorials with voices 
from different languages. This would require the translators to have an 
"international" version of the tutorials available (the voice tracks are 
separated from the rest of the sounds in the video editing, so that they 
can be easily replaced or attenuated to make room for a new language, 
without affecting the other sounds in the video).


Le 20-06-11 à 05 h 40, Andrea paz a écrit :
> I bring back an exchange of emails with Sam, because they contribute
> to the discussion.
> Sam-1 (before he watched the video):
> I believe that our official YT channel can certainly grow, with the
> following approach.
> 1. a very short trailer video in the style I made some time ago, this
> should have a summary of all the features. I could make this video, I
> just need a list of the features you think are worth mentioning.
> 2. many small mini tutorials (maximum 5 minutes), with very simple
> tasks, like for example
>       - How do I import new media
>       - How do I make a transition
>       - How to use Smart Folders
>       - How do I make a simple color correction
>       - How do I render a video for YouTube
>       - How do I synchronize audio tracks etc.
>       - How do I use the Multicam features
> Lots of small videos, straight to the point. This has the advantage of
> filling the YouTube channel quite fast and people link such short videos
> much faster. It also makes our job much easier. Maybe there is a
> possibility that you can prepare such small videos and a voice will
> repeat them in English.
> 3. I would create a good intro and extro footage. The current one could
> be improved from my point of view.
> 4. prefer to produce small videos on a regular basis, but have more
> often and less effort. Maybe two small videos per week. With a maximum
> length of five minutes.
> Sam-2 (after watching the video):
> 1. But too long, like Igor said. As I said before, I would make many
> small ones from this one big video.
> 2. I would have set the video a bit with a different, more neutral music.
> 3. at certain points I would have zoomed in to make the view bigger,
> because it is difficult to see certain parts.
> 4. a nice intro and extro added to it.
> Me (in reply to Sam-1):
> Sam, I agree with all your points. Much has already been done by Rafa
> Mar (maybe adding a voiceover in English).
> The points to show that I have chosen for my video are:
> 1.  30 overlays
> 2.  Keyframes
> 3.  Advanced editing (OpenEDL; Proxies; File by Reference; Nested
> clips; nested assets)
> 4.  Camera / Projector
> 5.  Interview mode, live preview, search di edits and sources
> 6.  LV2 plugins (calf)
> 7.  Batch rendering and render Farm
> 8.  Hardware acceleration (GPU)
> 9.  HiDPI support
> 10. 8k resolution
> 11. ShuttlePro/Xpress
> 12. Motion Tracking and video Stabilization
> 13. Capture and recording (Broadcast TV, also)
> 14. Multi-cam with audio-sync
> 15. DVD/BD authoring
> 16. Title plugin and Subtitle tool
> 17. Sketcher plugin
> 18. Trim
> 19. Debug and Bug fixing
> 20. Mask tool
> 21. Videoscopes
> 22. Shoortcuts
> 23. Smart Bins/Folders
> 24. Patchbay
> 25. FFmpeg
> 26. Shared Effects / Shared Tracks
> 27. Compositor tools
> 28. Background rendering
> 29. tracks personalization
> 30. Audio editing plugins
> I left out (for my forgiveness... I'm sorry)
> Transcode
> Grouping edits
> All your points are extremely important as advertising to attract new users.
> But I wanted to make a video according to Ugin's instructions and
> addressed to experienced people who, bored by the limitations of their
> software, look around for alternatives. This type doesn't look for
> tutorials (they're already good) or demo-reel. They just want to see
> how CinGG does the things they already do in other programs.
> In short, a (several) video outside the logic of Youtube, and
> addressed to a limited audience but, in my opinion, not to be
> underestimated. Obviously, the bulk of the channel must be dedicated
> to tutorials and advertising demos (very well done, I'm not capable of
> it).
> Sam-3:
> Yeah, now I understand what you mean. Your arguments make sense, for
> this purpose the normal approach for standard YouTube tutorials would
> probably not be as suitable. People with experience need a different
> video. The long video makes sense for this target group, but a short
> summary of all these features would also be a good addition. I don't
> know how we could present so many topics in one short video. I think
> about it a bit, then we have the long detailed video and a second short
> video, as a teaser.
> ----
> Pierre, Rafa Mar, MatN and all; I'd like to hear your opinions...

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