[Cin] Video for Youtube channel

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Jun 18 22:18:55 CEST 2020

I concur with that opinion. The videos should be as short as possible, 
because nowadays people have little time to watch them and will not 
watch the credits anyway. I also don't need to be shown in the credits.

Here is a small summary and potential for improvement for the future videos:

1. The intro can be used to show the title of the video right after the 
logo, that's why I made the intro a bit longer, so that you can show the 
title of the video right there. This makes the introduction shorter and 
people are not annoyed by the too long beginning

2. I would write in the description with which Cinelerra version the 
video was made, if there are changes made later and the users wonder if 
it looks different.

3. A call for action at the beginning and maybe at the end to subscribe 
to the channel. If we already do the effort with the channel, then it 
should be worth it and be motivation if enough subscribers benefit from 
the videos and the channel.

The video is well done, it has the right length, I like the font and it 
gets straight to the point. Well done!


Am 18.06.20 um 21:50 schrieb Phyllis Smith:
> Andrea, it is not necessary to add my name as the speaker as it really 
> is irrelevant; especially since you wrote all the words for me to say.
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