[Cin] Last realease

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 21:12:21 CET 2020

Compiling the new release (2020/03/03) I get many crashes (but no
dump). At the terminal I have the following entries:

[paz at arch-paz cinelerra-5.1]$ LANGUAGE="en_US:us" LANG="en_US.utf8"
Cinelerra: Could not set locale.
Cinelerra Infinity - built: Mar  3 2020 20:57:57
(c) 2006-2019 Heroine Virtual Ltd. by Adam Williams
2007-2020 mods for Cinelerra-GG by W.P.Morrow aka goodguy
Cinelerra is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License,
and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under
certain conditions. There is absolutely no warranty for Cinelerra.

BC_Signals::x_error_handler: error_code=2 opcode=151,24 id=0x0
BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
lang changed from '' to 'en_US:us'
init plugin index: /home/paz/cinelerra5/cinelerra-5.1/bin/plugins
init lv2 index:
init ladspa index: /home/paz/cinelerra5/cinelerra-5.1/bin/ladspa
BC_Signals::x_error_handler: error_code=2 opcode=151,24 id=0x0
BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
BC_WindowBase::get_glx_context 168: failed
BC_WindowBase::enable_opengl 235: no glx context
unjoined tids / owner 46
  00007fb48affd700 / 00007fb48b7fe700 7VRender
  00007fb48b7fe700 / 00007fb4f9e1e700 12RenderEngine
  00007fb48bfff700 / 00007fb4e27fc700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4e17fa700 / 00007fb4e27fc700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4e0ff9700 / 00007fb4e27fc700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4e1ffb700 / 00007fb4e27fc700 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4e27fc700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 17PreferencesThread
  00007fb4c8ff9700 / 00007fb4d1ffb700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4c97fa700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4c9ffb700 / 00007fb4d1ffb700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4ca7fc700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4caffd700 / 00007fb4d2ffd700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4cbfff700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 10Playback3D
  00007fb4cb7fe700 / 00007fb4d3fff700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4d0ff9700 / 00007fb4fcfc4700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4d17fa700 / 00007fb4d2ffd700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4d1ffb700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 7GWindow
  00007fb4d27fc700 / 00007fb4d3fff700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4d37fe700 / 00007fb4fcfc4700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4d2ffd700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 11LevelWindow
  00007fb4d3fff700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 7CWindow
  00007fb4fcfc4700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 7AWindow
  00007fb4e2ffd700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4e37fe700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 11MainIndexes
  00007fb4e3fff700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4e8ff9700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4e97fa700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 7SWindow
  00007fb4e9ffb700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 11ChannelInfo
  00007fb4ea7fc700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 18RecordCutAdsStatus
  00007fb4eaffd700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 13RecordChannel
  00007fb4eb7fe700 / 00007fb4f0ff9700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4ebfff700 / 00007fb4f0ff9700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4f0ff9700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 13RemoteControl
  00007fb4f17fa700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4f1ffb700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 14ResourceThread
  00007fb4f27fc700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4f2ffd700 / 00007fb4f961d700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007fb4f37fe700 / 00007fb4f961d700 11BC_Repeater
  00007fb4f3fff700 / 00007fb4f961d700 9VPlayback
  00007fb4f8e1c700 / 00007fb4f961d700 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4f961d700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 7VWindow
  00007fb4f9e1e700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 9CPlayback
  00007fb4fa61f700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 11CWindowTool
  00007fb4fae20700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 12BC_Clipboard
  00007fb4fb621700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 16AssetVIconThread
  00007fb4fbe22700 / 00007fb4ffdf2800 12BC_Clipboard

I updated the Nvidia drivers this morning; are they the cause?

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