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How hard would it be to create a menu for user-editable shortcuts?
Ardour/mixbus has something like this, and I find it really, really
convenient.  Would it be possible to adapt their code, or would it require
huge rewrites?



On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 12:18 PM Igor BEGHETTO  <
> wrote:

> Hi!
> > *IMPORTANT: the shortcut for “Delete last track” has been changed*
> > from the lower case letter “d”
> > to Ctrl-Shift-D. Having just “d” was somewhat dangerous per Dan
> > (Quinton?) because off screen.
> > A “format” option button for ffmpeg in the Render menu shows up when
> > you click on the Video
> > wrench icon. This provides a few more tuning operators for the render
> > for choices like mp4.
> I think that the shorcuts are useful for the most/frequently used
> operation/action. Cinelerra have some shortcuts where, I think, you can
> do without them: for example in File Menu there are "BD Render..."
> (Ctrl+D) and "DVD Render" (Alt+D).
> I think it would be better to assign Ctrl+D shortcut for "Delete last
> track" instead of Ctrl+Shif+D.
> So, more intuitive, you have Shift+D to "Delete First track", and Ctrl+D
> to "Delete Last track": Shift is the key up (then first), and Ctrl is
> the key down (then last) in the keyboard.
> About "shortcut for going trough *Autos* keyframes" thread.
> > We are going to "attempt" to add code to use a shortcut of Alt-a for
> > next fader/speed/autos and Ctrl-a for previous auto. This should come
> > in handy.
> I think, if possible, to use the same shortcuts of the Plugin's
> keyframes because they are always keyframes, for me.
> Thanks
> IgorBeg
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