[Cin] Shortcuts

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Mar 8 14:51:10 CET 2020

> I think it would be better to assign Ctrl+D shortcut for "Delete last 
> track" instead of Ctrl+Shif+D. So, more intuitive, you have Shift+D to 
> "Delete First track", and Ctrl+D to "Delete Last track": Shift is the 
> key up (then first), and Ctrl is the key down (then last) in the 
> keyboard.
>> I will see about changing this as you suggested.  It would be better. 
Thanks to take it in consideration.

About Shortcuts in general.
I understand you (Phyllis), and I know that it is not easy to change the 
consolidate Shortcuts used from old cinelerra's users but it would be 
good if CinelerraGG would use some shortcuts like others NLE (Adobe 
Premiere, Lightworks, Kdenlive. Sam and Olaf know for AVID and 
DaVinciResolve, I think). "J-K-L" for PlayBackward-Stop-PlayForward, "i" 
& "o" for InPoint and OutPoint are standard shortcut.So, new users would 
be incentivated to change (or less) their NLE.
Another example may be, navigate between Labels (Ctrl) or Keyframes 
(Shift) or Edits (Alt) with the LeftArrow and RightArrow because it is 
more intuitive, I think.
If you want I can do a lists for my preferences shortcuts but you 
already know. ;-)


I am not able to compile CinelerraGG since 2020029 version. Can You help 
me, please?
I added the compressed log file.
Thank you.
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