[Cin] Shortcuts

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 18:57:16 CET 2020

Just random note on shortcuts:

I initially thought ctrl-alt-a was not working, but then I discovered
it was already taken by KDE - so I deleted it as  global/DE level
shortcut - and now everything works ...

В сообщении от Saturday 07 March 2020 18:09:24 Phyllis Smith написал(а):
> *Dan:*
> > How hard would it be to create a menu for user-editable shortcuts?
> > Ardour/mixbus has something like this, and I find it really, really
> > convenient.  Would it be possible to adapt their code, or would it require
> > huge rewrites?
> >
> This is a very much requested feature and a very, very difficult thing to
> do.  BUT there is still some hope that it will get done in the far future.
> I say there is hope because "scaling" got done and that was hard and a long
> time request.  By comparison upgrading Masks was trivial and it took 4
> weeks to get it all done. The reason for the difficulty is the original
> design of Cinelerra written back in the olden days with slower computers
> with less memory.  I think it would be do-able if the current QT
> cross-platform framework was used instead but that is another difficult
> thing to switch to.  Most users would rather the Videoscope and color
> management were improved instead.
> It has been proposed to alternatively allow for 1 different shortcut setup
> as established by users so at least you could choose one or the other.
> However, that would be a nightmare to get 2 or more people to agree on the
> alternative setup.  Anyway, it would probably be better to make it flexible
> for any shortcut.
> *Igor:*
> > I think it would be better to assign Ctrl+D shortcut for "Delete last
> > track" instead of Ctrl+Shif+D. So, more intuitive, you have Shift+D to
> > "Delete First track", and Ctrl+D to "Delete Last track": Shift is the key
> > up (then first), and Ctrl is the key down (then last) in the keyboard.
> >
> I will see about changing this as you suggested.  It would be better.

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