[Cin] "seek fail 19, 633" on mkv

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 04:44:17 CET 2020


> Try https://yadi.sk/i/uWcb_QWohkuZDQ
> CinGG_test2-vc2.mkv
> sha256sum CinGG_test2-vc2.mkv
> 01f95e6a4e88c8b7793d134988c96b2295cf90bb6264997535353d1c30c18ff2
> CinGG_test2-vc2.mkv
> du -h CinGG_test2-vc2.mkv
> 446M    CinGG_test2-vc2.mkv
> I wonder if your mplayer  or mpv can play it?
Thanks for the file.  GG did not get time to look at it today but we
downloaded it and he is curious to take a look at it.  We do not have
mplayer or mpv installed because we try to keep our computer devoid of
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