[Cin] "seek fail 19, 633" on mkv

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 05:10:30 CET 2020

Andrew:  OK, he had time to look at it anyway yet today.  It loads here
UNDER CONDITIONS. The secret is "marker" files.  The first time you load
the .mkv file you sent, it creates in $HOME/.bcast5 the filename.idx (index
file) and filename.mkr (marker file).  GG added code a long time ago to
make this work by creating marker files as .mkv files are recalcitrant
sometimes.  The "marker" file is a crutch because ffmpeg does not make it
work.  So the first time you load the file you sent, it does not work; the
second time you load the file now that the index AND marker files exist you
can see the picons/thumbnails on the timeline.  For marker files to be
created, you must have in Settings->Preferences, the Interface tab, "build
ffmpeg marker indexes" checked/enabled.

On Sun, Mar 15, 2020 at 10:59 AM Andrew Randrianasulu <
randrianasulu at gmail.com> wrote:

> В сообщении от Sunday 15 March 2020 18:03:41 Good Guy написал(а):
> > There is a "special" patch for .mkv and a couple of other file types --
> > ffmpeg-4.2.patch3  , because mkv
> > the mkv interface does not seek per stream.
> >
> > Your file, /dev/shm/new_test-vc2_yuv420_8bit.mkv , is a good candidate
> for
> > using Settings->Transcode.
> > If possible, please send that file so I can look at it for testing.
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