[Cin] OpenEXR 2.4.1 buildsystem hacks ....

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 01:58:04 CET 2020

So, i tried to read INSTALL.md in OpenEXR 2.4.1 distribution tarball

I come up wit this script, to be put in unpacked directory (like hacked 'pseudo-configure'
for libdav1d)


cd IlmBase
./configure --enable-shared=no --prefix=$1
make install

cd ../OpenEXR
./configure --prefix=$1 \
make install

--end of script---

And I also hacked thirdparty/Makefile


diff --git a/cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/Makefile b/cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/Makefile
index 5315237..6852337 100644
--- a/cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/Makefile
+++ b/cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/Makefile
@@ -195,9 +195,9 @@ audiofile.mak_params?=LIBS="-lm -lstdc++"
 flac.cfg_params?= --enable-shared=no
 flac.cflags?="$(call inc_path,libogg) $(call ld_path,libogg,src/.libs)"
 giflib.cfg_params=echo "exec true" > ./configure; chmod +x ./configure;
-ilmbase.cfg_vars= CFLAGS+=" -Wno-narrowing" CXXFLAGS+=" -Wno-narrowing"
-ilmbase.cfg_params?=--prefix=$(call bld_path,ilmbase,usr)
-ilmbase.mak_params?=; $(MAKE) -C ilmbase* install; cd $(call bld_path,ilmbase); ln -sf lib64 usr/lib
+#ilmbase.cfg_vars= CFLAGS+=" -Wno-narrowing" CXXFLAGS+=" -Wno-narrowing"
+#ilmbase.cfg_params?=--prefix=$(call bld_path,ilmbase,usr)
+#ilmbase.mak_params?=; $(MAKE) -C ilmbase* install; cd $(call bld_path,ilmbase); ln -sf lib64 usr/lib
 lame.cfg_vars?= CFLAGS+=" -O"
 lame.mak_params?= ; cd $(call bld_path,lame,include); ln -sf . lame
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ openjpeg.mak_params?= ; cd $(call bld_path,openjpeg,src/lib/openjp2); ln -sf . o
 opencv.cfg_vars?=$(call cmake_config,.)
 opencv.cfg_params?= -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS:BOOL=OFF
 openexr.cfg_vars?=LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(call bld_path,ilmbase,usr/lib)
-openexr.cfg_params?=--enable-shared=no --with-ilmbase-prefix=$(call bld_path,ilmbase,usr)
+openexr.cfg_params?=--enable-shared=no --with-ilmbase-prefix=$(call bld_path,openexr,usr)
 tiff.cfg_vars+=LIBS+=" -lpthread"
 tiff.cfg_params+= --enable-shared=no --disable-zstd $(call if_pkg,libwebp,\
@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ tiff.cfg_params+= --enable-shared=no --disable-zstd $(call if_pkg,libwebp,\
  --with-webp-lib-dir=$(call pkg_libs,libwebp))
 x264.cfg_params?= --enable-static --enable-pic
-x265.cfg_vars?=$(call cmake_config,source)
+#x265.cfg_vars?=$(call cmake_config,source)
 x265.cfg_params?= -DENABLE_SHARED=no
 libvpx.cfg_params?= --enable-pic
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ $(call rules,$(call std-build,ffmpeg, twolame lame openjpeg opus \
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,fftw))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,flac,libogg))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,giflib))
-$(call rules,$(call std-build,ilmbase))
+#$(call rules,$(call std-build,ilmbase))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,ladspa))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,lame))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,libaom))
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ $(call rules,$(call std-build,libuuid))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,libvorbis))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,mjpegtools, libjpeg))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,opencv))
-$(call rules,$(call std-build,openexr, ilmbase))
+$(call rules,$(call std-build,openexr))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,openjpeg))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,opus))
 $(call rules,$(call std-build,speech_tools))


Basically, removed ilmbase as directory and dependency, because in 2.4 everything 
is built from main OpenEXR tarball.

It seems to work, in sense it puts out thirdparty/ilmbase-2.4.1/usr with OpenEXR stuff -
headers, programs, libs (*.a and *.so)

Ah, there was also my x256 multilib (8-10-12-bit in one .a) hack ...

Should I send it separately again? It seems to work on 32-bit machine, but probably
need a bit more hacking for becoming universal enough for inclusion.

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