[Cin] question about Ubuntu 20.04

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Tue May 19 18:12:45 CEST 2020

I am in the beginning of attempting to use Cinelerra-GG under Ubuntu 
Studio 20.04.  Hardware is an older Supermicro dual quad core Xeon 5335, 
20 GB RAM, 3ware RAID, M-Audio audio card, AMD Radeon HD5500 video.  In 
addition to my desktop we are running Studio on another desktop and two 

I've installed a single-user version using "git" which compiled and 
loaded without problems.  Other than that I have loaded and viewed a 
project in AVI format created using OpenShot but haven't done more than 

My interest is eventually making it easier for those using Studio to use 
Cinelerra-GG.  I know that "Cin" is running under AVLinux, but I'm 
already moderately comfortable with the Studio environment.  I also want 
to use "Cin" to create group musical performances combining individual 
performances based on a shared timing track.  (I play baritone, tenor, 
and alto saxes as a hobby).  The projects I'm aware of use Pro Tools and 
Premiere, but I don't see any reason that I can't do the same with 
Studio, Audacity/Ardour, and Cinelerra-GG.

The other use I see for some combination of Linux/Ardour/Cinelerra is as 
a platform for instruction at the high school and college level for 
institutions that can't afford the hardware and software costs of Avid's 

I must say that the manual is quite a feat in itself.  It contains very 
detailed information about using the various tools to provide the 
development team with information necessary for fixing problems that 
appear when running under other OS versions with other versions of 

I'm a retired UN*X/Windows system admin; I've used a version of UN*X 
starting with Tandy Xenix-68K at home since 1986.  I currently use 
Studio for my and my wife's desktops with FreeBSD on the server side.  
I've not done a lot of "real programming" but have been installing and 
debugging software on UN*X platforms for a long time.

Thank you, great project.

Mike Squires

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