[Cin] Tracking (or tracer?) control points

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed May 20 19:11:40 CEST 2020

The crazy thing is that the key points of a moving image are correctly 
captured even with the open algorithms. Take a look at the attached 
image. We wouldn't even need the proprietary SURF algorithm. I'm 
absolutely sure that we could use these open algorithms to create 
serious tracking that no other open NLEs have. The problem is that the 
image to be replaced on it does not keep to the set points. Something 
seems to be still not optimal with the programming.

The Cinelerra mask tool is very powerful, if we could connect a mask 
point to one of the tracked points, we would have the perfect tracking 
tool. For example, if I could connect the upper right greenscreen point 
to a mask point, we would have mask tracking like in the Resolve. The 
whole mask would then move with it. Basically, you would only need to 
create an interface to the mask tool and assign individual tracking 
points. No idea if this would be technically feasible. But we already 
have two tools, the FindObject and the mask tool, which only have to be 
connected with each other.

On the subject of SURF tracking, this is not optimal either, the image 
to be replaced would also jump back and forth slightly. What would be 
better is a point to point assignment as described above. Therefore, in 
my opinion, it makes little sense to build on something that is not free 
anyway and is not available in the new version. So it makes more sense 
to optimize the free tracking methods.

With the many open tasks, we will probably need additional programmers 
to solve this problem.


Am 20.05.20 um 16:03 schrieb preobraz at gmail.com:
> Very sad...
> Maybe there are any files or development of old versions? Is it 
> possible now to collect all this on an old computer and try it?
> -
> Ugin
> 19.05.2020 15:44, Sam пишет:
>> I finally managed to get the OpenCV running.
>> The plugin that could be used for this is the FindObj plugin. 
>> Basically as the name says, it does nothing else but find objects. I 
>> define an object which should be tracked and this tracked object 
>> should be replaced with another object.
>> However, I have not been able to repeat the results I achieved a long 
>> time ago. In my opinion the only usable algorithm was SURF, which is 
>> no longer available in the latest version and is also not free. I 
>> think this plugin would be very good for a useful tracking in 
>> Cinelerra, but it would require many changes to the FindObj plugin, 
>> which is currently not possible due to lack of support from other 
>> programmers.
>> As Rafa has already explained, the only currently usable option is to 
>> work manually with the Masks and Perspective plugin to get good results.
>> Sam
>> Am 18.05.20 um 13:25 schrieb preobraz at gmail.com:
>>> It’s just great that you joined the conversation. Especially with 
>>> such useful tips on organizing the filming process. A little more - 
>>> and we, the users of Cinelerra, will unite in the corporation for 
>>> the production of video and film products :) And if we manage to 
>>> close most of the technically difficult issues, such as tracking and 
>>> replacing objects, then Cinelerra-GG can be recommended for use by 
>>> any filmmakers.
>>> But just a good program is not enough. And enthusiasm alone is also 
>>> not enough. However, these are separate topics of discussion.
>>> -- 
>>> Ugin
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