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Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu May 21 23:54:49 CEST 2020

I can only report from my personal experience. Cinelerra is like a 
love-hate relationship. You don't like her because of her sometimes 
old-fashioned and stubborn behaviour and she is not very pretty to look 
at, but you like her because she is reliable and has many features that 
others don't have. But like in some contests the attractive, but not 
necessarily talented ones win the hearts of the masses.

Nevertheless I agree, there is still room for improvement.


Am 21.05.20 um 21:22 schrieb Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux:
> Cinelerra is very powerful, but not very intuitive.
> There is no way to think about the beginnings to see the problems.
> My opinion is that there are mainly three things that scare new users 
> away.
> The interface, people nowadays don't like interfaces with different 
> windows. It doesn't bother me, but I think it would be much easier to 
> capture new users with a single window interface.
> The upload wizard, which mixes the upload of projects with that of 
> multimedia files. The first times I tried to work with Cinelerra here 
> I was already very stuck. I think this that I am commenting on now has 
> scared away more people than the interface of different windows. It is 
> absurd to try to load a file and put it on the timeline ... nobody 
> expects this result. In fact I do not see that in other applications 
> this is so. And what do people do, they spend half an hour fighting 
> with this, they install another editor that does not believe this 
> early problem and they quickly forget about Cinelerra, leaving the 
> name of Cinelerra in their subconscious as something bad, something to 
> avoid.
> And the third point, file browsers, are missing a favorites panel, to 
> go quickly from one folder to another.
> Summary.
> Gimp today offers the possibility of working with panels or using a 
> single window. Would it be easy to implement this in Cinelerra? Modern 
> interfaces are like this, see professional applications or even free 
> ones like Olive, Kdenlive ... etc ...
> Make an assistant for loading projects and another for loading media. 
> Totally independent, because this is what most people have driven away 
> from Cinelerra.
> Add a panel in the navigation windows that integrates with the system 
> folders and your favorites, or failing that, a panel where you can put 
> your favorites.
> Of all these points, the one that seems to me that it would be more 
> important to change urgently so as not to scare new users away is the 
> media loading assistant.
> That I think this does not mean that these things should be changed, 
> but I am convinced that if it were done, or had already been done, 
> Cinelerra would have many more users. What good is having the best 
> motion tracking plugin if people get stuck in the media upload wizard? 
> I myself if I had not seen a video that explained how to upload a file 
> in the Resources window, I think that today I still would not have 
> succeeded, and it is sad that such a powerful application has these 
> assistants so illogical and not imitated by nobody.
> Renewed or die.
> Regards. I continue with my basic tutorials, because I am still 
> discovering Cinelerra.

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