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Fri May 22 07:51:44 CEST 2020

El 21/5/20 a las 21:22, Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux escribió:
> My opinion is that there are mainly three things that scare new users away.
> The interface, people nowadays don't like interfaces with different 
> windows. It doesn't bother me, but I think it would be much easier to 
> capture new users with a single window interface.
> The upload wizard, which mixes the upload of projects with that of 
> multimedia files. The first times I tried to work with Cinelerra here I 
> was already very stuck. I think this that I am commenting on now has 
> scared away more people than the interface of different windows. It is 
> absurd to try to load a file and put it on the timeline ... nobody 
> expects this result. In fact I do not see that in other applications 
> this is so. And what do people do, they spend half an hour fighting with 
> this, they install another editor that does not believe this early 
> problem and they quickly forget about Cinelerra, leaving the name of 
> Cinelerra in their subconscious as something bad, something to avoid.
> And the third point, file browsers, are missing a favorites panel, to go 
> quickly from one folder to another.
> Summary.
> Gimp today offers the possibility of working with panels or using a 
> single window. Would it be easy to implement this in Cinelerra? Modern 
> interfaces are like this, see professional applications or even free 
> ones like Olive, Kdenlive ... etc ...
> Make an assistant for loading projects and another for loading media. 
> Totally independent, because this is what most people have driven away 
> from Cinelerra.
> Add a panel in the navigation windows that integrates with the system 
> folders and your favorites, or failing that, a panel where you can put 
> your favorites.
> Of all these points, the one that seems to me that it would be more 
> important to change urgently so as not to scare new users away is the 
> media loading assistant.


Great suggestions, Rafa.

+1 for all of them!

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