[Cin] Question about proxies and wide gamut screen ICC profile

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon May 25 09:46:23 CEST 2020

I'm not very competent in Color Management. I think that every monitor
should be calibrated, that is to have a personalized ICC. In this way
the monitor reproduces the colors of the edit in the Timeline "quite"
correctly. Is the ICC you use specific to your monitor? Then use it.
Otherwise use the generic sRGB. Cinelerra GG has no real color
management, so what we can aim for is to be satisfied with the result
on our screen and hope it doesn't change too much on other monitors.
Another tip is to specify, when rendering, the color parameters in the
relevant wrench options window. These parameters are:
        colorspace= ... (color matrix)
        color_trc= … (transfer characteristic or gamma)
        color_primaries= … (gamut)

They can take the values, for example, bt601, bt709 and bt2020.
However, you have to understand that these parameters are only added
metadata and do not affect the render. Their importance comes out when
we open the file in a video player or browser, etc.
Finally the suggestions of a colourist in an old message:
Basically: examine the type of signal that your input media have and
adjust the project in CinGG in accordance. If you use yuv media then
set the project to YUVA 8 bit, etc. The rendering, then, you can set
it as you like.

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