[Cin] DNxHR presets

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 14:26:24 CET 2020

I tried to put DNxHR presets under the .mov container. The advantages
of using this mezzanine codec are great quality and efficiency (like
ProRes) and being self-managed for each resolution and bit-rate
(unlike DNxHD which has many fixed and unalterable formats for each
resolution). The only disadvantage compared to DNxHD is that it
supports only progressive and not interlaced signals.

If someone wants to try them, I make them available (there are also 2
audio presets of type pcm). They seem to work apart from some

- Pixel_format gbrp10le of pulldown ("pixels:") does not work (it
remains yuv type).
- in pixel_format pulldown there is no choice for bit-depth=12; while
DNxHR_HQX and DNxHR_444 profiles should be 12-bit (for resolutions
higher than FullHD). Is this a limit of CinGG?
- pix_fmt=rgb24 does not work.

Since I can't find any official documentation, if you have any advice
please say so.

I based on these articles:


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