[Cin] Cinelerra for Mageia 7?...

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 21:06:07 CET 2020

> Then I installed Ubuntu Studio but the data pointer (popularly known 
> as "mouse") was "lagging" or getting very slow instead of having that 
> natural and fluid movement. I uninstalled it.
It sounds like you may have been trying to use Ubuntu Studio when the 
low-latency version of the Ubuntu kernel was having problems with some 
Intel CPUs.  Ubuntu Studio versions 17 and 18, if I remember correctly, 
ran very slowly with my Xeon based workstation.

I'm currently running Ubuntu Studio 20.04 on some older quad core Intel 
CPUs - i7 and Xeon 2.4 Ghz, no issues with the OS.  I am currently 
running Ubuntu Studio on a HP Envy 17T i7, Supermicro X7DAE dual Xeon 
quad core, and Dell T3600 and T7600 Xeon based workstations.  The Dell 
computers are cheap and fast enough for my purposes.

I have been able to download and run the single user versions of 
Cinelerra GG under Ubuntu Studio v19 and v20 (20.04 so far, haven't 
tried 20.10).

It looks like Arch Linux has Cinelerra GG updated to 11/1/20.

Mike Squires

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