[Cin] Audio Visual Application plain Format (BD-R/RE AV) for home video on Blu-ray discs

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 19:36:09 CET 2020

Den 20.11.2020 15:47, skrev Terje J. Hanssen:
> Den 20.11.2020 00:31, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
>> В сообщении от Friday 20 November 2020 01:07:14 Terje J. Hanssen 
>> написал(а):
>>> Den 19.11.2020 18:50, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
>>>> В сообщении от Thursday 19 November 2020 19:11:49 Terje J. Hanssen 
>>>> via Cin написал(а):
>>>>> Back in 2016/2017 I rendered a 1080i hdv.m2t clip to BDAV, burned 
>>>>> it on
>>>>> a standard BD-RE disc and then could playback it as a 16:9 Blu-ray 
>>>>> video
>>>>> in a Samsung Ultra Blu-ray player.
>>>>> https://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2017q1/005830.html
>>>>> What I wonder is if also the following features are possible in 
>>>>> Cin-GG
>>>>> (bdwrite and/or tsMuxer, ffmpeg tools):
> ..............skip
>>>>> I think you are right about DV (dvvideo) on blu-ray as mentioned 
>>>>> in standard, but how many players implement this is open question 
>>>>> .....
> Yes, I've also thougt about this.
> CyberLink says "BDAV is a video recording format that is compatible 
> with all Blu-ray Disc players" (?)
> At least it seems Sony and Pioneer Blu-ray players have support for 
> BDAV discs beside BDMV.
> Sony says simply copying the movie file on to a disc using a computer 
> is not sufficient for playback. You have to create a DMV, BDAV or BDMV 
> format disc using a disc creation software.
> I thought plain BDAV discs could be fine to preserve original HD/HDV 
> clips and optional SD DV video without need to transcode it, and for 
> playback this format on HDTV or PC..
> For this purpose, simple, fast collecting clips, with clip info but 
> without menus, would be just fine, comparable with BD-R/RE recorders 
> or even old Video Tape recorder/player.
> The problem is I haven't found any BDAV structure to download and test 
> if i.e Samsung Blu-ray players support it.
> Does indeed the current CGG bdwriter use BDAV disc structure, but 
> needs to render? If so, it lacks the option to get hdv and dv video 
> files without transcrode onto the BDAV discs structure?
> I don't know it, but it seems i.e Premiere Pro Online has m2ts native 
> (BDAV, NTSC/PAL) imprt support, and can create BDAV formats using 
> TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC
> https://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tppm4/00150.html
> Terje J. H

I have installed

  * tsMuxeRGUI v. 2.6.16.dev


  * k3b v. 20.04.2


Giving up the attempt to put SD DV onto a BDAV disc structure, possibly 
"native" HDV video source is still manageable with available Linux tools?

The procedure outlined in an old 2008 forum post was:
I just figured that with the following easy steps you can let the PS3 
play _native_ PAL HDV 25fps 1080i 1440x1080 @ 50Hz

  * 1. Demux the MPEG-2 video from the original HDV capture file
  * 2. Convert the MPEG audio to an AC3 audio file
  * 3. Mux both video+audio files with tsMuxeR to a Blu-ray File Structure
  * 4. Burn the Blu-ray File Structure to a DVD5 or DVD9 using the UDF
    2.50 format.

Another thread using tsMuxeR, Nero and other tools on Windows: Basic 
Blu-Ray Authoring with HDV source

HDV to Blu-ray: why is it recompressing?

Terje J. H

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