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Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 09:44:46 CET 2020

With the new preset the 18th line is now complete. But I knew from the
Avid white paper that there are 64 presets in all. How did you make
your list?

I propose to split dnxhd.qt into several separate presets each
containing a series of bit rates, from the largest to the smallest.
for example (list from:




And so on. In all there are 14 presets each containing 4 to 6 specific
bit rates.
In this way a user would have a tidier, clearer and more complete view
without having to manually configure all 64 specifications.

[However I return to say that DNxHD has too rigid, uncomfortable and
confusing specifications. Much better to use DNxHR]

I did a similar thing for the ProRes, which I attach: I divided the 3
current presets into 6 presets that do not need manual configuration.
The problem is the same I had for DNxHR: it offers me all the options
for the pixel_format but only the right one works; the others lead to
error. I guess doing the job of making only the right pix_fmt appear
then it would work without problems as it did for DNxHR (except for
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