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Below are the latest release notes.

*Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 09/01/2020-09/30/2020
for builds*

The Bug tracker has reached number *500 in tickets *consisting of bugs and
*Improvements to the Manual *are ongoing with Andrea creating an Advanced
Editing chapter and MatN very detailed review.  Meanwhile, Andrew has
been *stress
testing* the code.

1.  *Motion plugin* major improvements contributed by Georgy (SGE BT #509)
and with his updated
      documentation added to the Manual.
2.   *MotionCV and MotionHV* will no longer get built (but code still
there).  With Georgy’s better
         Motion plugin, it is preferable to not confuse the situation with
multiple choices that might have
         issues anyway.
3.  Because currently existing downloadable 4K webm files when loaded into
Cinelerra were no longer
        seekable, we backed down the *dav1d* library from 7.1 to 5.1.
Unfortunately it took some time to
        discover this as it is not a widely used format in CinGG.
4. *Usability Improvements:*
    *Transitions* are now playing much faster as using Cache has been added
as a default.  You might see
       a slight hesitation at the beginning of a transition when memory is
being loaded then quite often it
       will play at full speed (Houku BT #495).  There is a
Settings→Preference for this called “Cache
       Transitions” and it is enabled by default.  This may be eliminated
in the future if there are no
       problems with the caching because everyone will want this speed up.
   * Drag Transitions* is available to increase/decrease the length and
works similar to dragging a
       plugin (Houku BT #495).
    Reverse playback now also uses Cache so that it is faster (Andrew note
of slow reverse play).
    14 revised or new FFmpeg formats for rendering have been generated &
checked (Andrew).
    Russian translations in ru.po updated by Andrew.
    Spanish translations in es.po updated once again by RafaMar.
    The Aspect height has been increased in size from 10000 to 32767
(related to Shipman BT# 505).
    Menu and tooltip for Undo reads “z or Ctrl-z” now to make it clear as
recommended in email.
    Improved SUV patchbay and expand pngs provided by IgorBeg.
    *Histogram plugin* modifications include:
      - capability to calculate a multiple frame average (a user request
driven by need)
      - slider bar Linear to Log with 50% being the default; originally was
      - the “average” is now used for each bin / values
      - code cleanup for better readability
5. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
    Fixed “Clear Keyframes” which in some cases did not delete the right
keyframes (IgorB, Andrea,
       RafaMar BT #501) and create the correct intervals.
    Tweak keyframe popup speed undo.
    Added id-s for keyframes and labels (similar to what had been done for
plugins awhile back).
    Fix background rendering to have a “in process” state before actually
complete (Andrew BT #497).
    Edge gui fix in the Automation code.    Dual Monitor mode fix (MatN BT#
    Layout Viewer screen was raised when others weren’t, changed to be the
same (MatN review notes).
    Fixed Settings→Preferences, Appearance tab problem with line through
Flags/Warnings (IgorBeg).
    Fixed cache aging bug and some cache lock tweaks.
    Modified to push Preferences changes all the way to the render engine;
they were not getting there
      before in some cases.
    General code cleanup; for example moved code of location where the
background color was set.
    Fixed problem if run out of memory where Cin exits instead of crashes
(Andrew-R email report).
    32-bit shared memory fix (Andrew email with dump).
    Undo hide plugin fix (Andrew reported).
    Fixed a problem that occurred if performing a delete while the Render
Engine is running.
    Booby fix if running Preferences at the same time as the FFmpeg button
first/last is being pressed.
    Alpha is being set to 1 for background color always now – just a
missing thing.
    Modified Render Farm to turn off “linger” and Render Farm usage will no
longer send messages it
       does not know how to handle.
    Corrected SEGV discovery on load  project when in Create Resources Only
mode (Pierre BT #510)
       which was a result of using the wrong copy.
    Original Move tracks up/down along with its shortcut is now back.  Roll
tracks up/down has its own
       new shortcut along with its own distinct functionality.
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