[Cin] August Monthly Builds now available on cinelerra-gg.org

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 01:30:07 CEST 2020

There are new binaries for the latest version of cinelerra gg at:
as well as the releasenotes.pdf.  The release notes contain the known bug
and workaround.
The manual is currently undergoing major reorganization by Andrea so in
order to avoid interference is not being modified until this effort is

2 of the lesser used distros information: Gentoo did not build but
Tumbleweed did.
Text version of release notes is below.

*Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 08/01/2020-08/31/2020
for builds*

*Special thanks to Andrew, Andrea, Houku, IgorBeg, and RafaMar for testing*
this month, especially of the speed fixes and Auto Bumps as Phyllis was
unable to do so.

*Release contains a known bug with a workaround.*  Clear Keyframes in some
cases does not delete the right keyframes. The verified workaround is to
turn on/off "keyframes follow edits” when this error could surface.  It
will be fixed as soon as possible and will be correct in next month’s

1. *Bump float Autos* feature has been added which provides a good solution
for adding speed to a
    selection, like an edit, as well as some nice useful applications to
the camera, projector, etc.
   Temporary document/explanation is at:
https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/testing/bump_autos.pdf .
   A new “Create Keyframes”option for a selection area under the Keyframes
pulldown was added.
2. Upgraded operating system distros on the build computers.
3. *Changed behavior:*
    Shortcut for Undo is “z” as originally + *Ctrl-z* so that new users are
less confused.  Because Ctrl-z
       was already in use with the middle mouse button on a track for “Cut
Pack”, that was changed to
       Ctrl-Alt-z (video - Top 8 open source video editor – by Nice Micro).
    Shortcut for Save is “s” as originally + *Ctrl-s* so that new users are
less confused.  Because Ctrl-s
       was already in use under the Settings pulldown for Save settings
now, that was changed to Ctrl-
       Shift-S (forum - Ideas for UI Modifications (Improvements?) - note
by Tupper).
4. *Usability Improvements:*
    *Language preference* is now available in the pulldown
Settings→Preferences, Appearance tab on
      the left hand side to make it easy to have CinGG always start in the
user’s preferred language (BT
      #113 by MatN and Gerd via mailing list).  Note that the only current
choices are the ones that I am
      quite sure are actually being used.  You can still set the
environment variable LANGUAGE for
      other translations like Slovenia, Chinese, Portuguese, etc and if
requested, we will add another
      possible translation in but they have not been updated in a long time
and are only done via an
      automatic translator with no personal corrections done.
    Ydiff was upgraded to work for rgb/yuv and 16 bit depth.  This was done
in order to better analyze
       the problem in the forum of “Loss of detail” by dejay.
    *Prores format* for rendering was modified to use a default of
“profile=3” for High Quality instead of
       the original “profile=2”.  I will take longer to render and produce
a larger file but the quality
       difference is certainly better with a ydiff difference of only 1.7
versus 7.7.  This is again in
       reference to the forum “Loss of detail” by dejay.
    *Default settings for new configuration* setup in $HOME/.bcast5 have
been changed.  This does
       not affect any currently existing setups.  Changes include default
Load Mode, Click to
       Activate/Deactivate Focus, and Clear Toggles (Sam suggestion to
align with user expectations)
       now is 0) and Size (was 24 and now 48).  More video is of bigger
width and height and it was
       difficult to even see the smaller characters the first time
(suggestion from Andrea).
    Time-reference metadata value that showed up in Audio examples has been
added as necessary for
      “Align Timecodes” (Katacuts supplied examples).
    Updated es.po Spanish (thanks to RafaMar as he has faithfully been
providing for months now).
    A new feature is *drag speed highlight*s; it is quite useful because it
shows you the change that the
      speed up/down will make to the timeline while moving and then drops
it there when you let up on
      the mouse.
    *Multiple edit selection* capability has been added.
5. *Bugs/Issues Fixed:*
    Auto-Rotate for ffmpeg video was not working with hardware vaapi/vdpau
devices.  Had to rework
      ffmpeg a/v filter setup and hw decode with vid filters (notified by
Ig0r in the forum).
   Speed Auto edit cuts resulted in incorrect results.  This has been fixed
as far as we have been able to
      test.  A note about usage is:  “ When working with edits and the
speed auto, if you make a "cut" in a
     section, the speed curve values should not change over the remaining
playable edits.  It is possible to
     easily add "disjoint" curve points at the boundaries of the edit to
preserve the curve shape (houku
     BT #477).
   Paste automation tweaks; undo fixes and tweaks for undo commit logic.
   Normalize speed follows (for example plugins/labels) enhancement.
   Update shortcuts to reflect changes and make some corrections.
   A fix was added to the video code interface with ffmpeg in order to make
F_minterpolate functional.
      Although it will now work single-threaded, it is slow and does not
seek so using the command line
      may be a much better way to go (IgorBeg suggestion). Anyway as a
result there are now an
      additional 7 more usable ffmpeg plugins available (Andrea went
through the set to find these).
   Bug fix for get_auto_at_position equivalence test.
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