[Cin] BUG on Clear keyframes (CinGG-release by GIT 30Aug 2020)

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 10:49:45 CEST 2020

The situation has improved, but I still noticed some problems:

1- If when creating an auto keyframes range, we have the "create curve
type" already set to bump (because it remembers it from the previous
time) and then we go directly to the "create keyframes" phase, the
autos that are formed are not bump type. In this case we have to
transform them manually via RMB and choose "bump". However, I noticed
that this setting is not automatically transmitted to the
corresponding autos in the other tracks. In short, "gang mode" does
not work. This is very boring if we have a lot of tracks because we
have to intervene manually on every single keyframe of the interval in
the timeline.
In any case, when we want to create a bump autos interval, just
remember to click on "create curve type --> bump" even if it is
already preset. This way, in my tests, it always works well.

2- If we create a bump autos interval and vary their value with the
slider, everything works fine. However, if we change these values a
second time (always with the slider), the problem returns that the
created interval does not change according to the edits. Sometimes it
works, sometimes it doesn't.

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