[Cin] BUG on Clear keyframes (CinGG-release by GIT 30Aug 2020)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 03:48:25 CEST 2020


1- If when creating an auto keyframes range, we have the "create curve
> type" already set to bump (because it remembers it from the previous
> time) and then we go directly to the "create keyframes" phase, the
> autos that are formed are not bump type. In this case we have to
> transform them manually via RMB and choose "bump". However, I noticed
> that this setting is not automatically transmitted to the
> corresponding autos in the other tracks. In short, "gang mode" does
> not work. This is very boring if we have a lot of tracks because we
> have to intervene manually on every single keyframe of the interval in
> the timeline.
> In any case, when we want to create a bump autos interval, just
> remember to click on "create curve type --> bump" even if it is
> already preset. This way, in my tests, it always works well.
So far we have been unable to reproduce the stated interval problem but I
will continue to try tomorrow.
Only the Speed auto needs a "gang mode" - the rest are irrelevant.  GG is
thinking about putting
a checkbox on Speed to enable gang mode to avoid all of the extra work.

> 2- If we create a bump autos interval and vary their value with the
> slider, everything works fine. However, if we change these values a
> second time (always with the slider), the problem returns that the
> created interval does not change according to the edits. Sometimes it
> works, sometimes it doesn't.

I have not been able to create this either but will try again tomorrow.

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