[Cin] New feature: enhanced Motion plugin

Georgy Salnikov sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru
Sat Sep 19 10:32:13 CEST 2020

On Fri, 18 Sep 2020, Andrea paz via Cin wrote:

> I have integrated your additions on the latex manual. Now Phyllis will

Thank you very much. I've read and made some corrections. Mostly cosmetic
ones, like italicizing the names of GUI controls. Some were my own typos,

The patch against the Plugins.tex version you sent yesterday is in
attachment. I've also attached a screenshot of the GUI.

> I saw that you brought "Add offset" on Motion plugin, so you could
> delete Motion-CV. I think Motion-HV has some recent optimizations
> (2017). Do you think you can delete Motion-HV too or is it better to
> leave it? What about Motion 2 Points?

Motion 2 Points and Motion51 implement totally different tracking methods,
they must definitely remain here.

What about MotionCV and MotionHV, I am not sure. One has to inspect their
code. I know, MotionCV has an extra parameters pair, Rotation block size,
which does not exist in the Motion plugin. It would be easy to implement it,
but I am unsure, whether the distinct rotation match block is really needed.
Perhaps I can say later more concretely about the difference, or may be GG

Earlier I used to apply motion stabilization (in Cinelerra-HV) for low
quality video, but as of CinelerraHV-6 the plugin became broken. Recently I
have imagined to extract the working plugin from CinelerraHV-4.6.1 and adapt
it for Cin-GG, but there was the same problem. I tried firstly several
tricks, none of them seemed to help. After some deeper debugging I've found,
that the problem was not in the plugin, but in the affine interpolation (my
bug report two months ago). After affine bugfix the plugin worked again, as
earlier. However, it would be sorry wasted time, so I considered to finalize
my hacks no matter what...


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