[Cin] Please GG

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Sep 30 09:33:35 CEST 2020

Thank you so much for Your effort!I will wait for the new monthly build 
to test.

> The problem for us is a result of Video pulldown option "Add track" 
> which puts the video track at the top -- too weird, especially since 
> Audio pulldown option of "Add track" adds it at the bottom.  This is 
> to us odd behavior and we do not like it but can not change it.
Thanks for not changing that behaviour. Also other NLEs use to do so.

Note (I think that you already know):
If you use Menu->Video->Add track, it add a video track on the top of 
the Timeline.
If you use Menu->Audio->Add track, it add a audio track on the bottom of 
the Timeline.
If you use RMB on a video track and choose "Add track" by popup menu, it 
add a video track just above of it in the Timeline. The same occurs for 
the audio track.
For me it is perfect.

Then, with the old "Move tracks up/down" (Shift+Up and Shift+Down) you 
can put the new tracks where exactly you want.

> Roll tracks up / Roll tracks down is the ones that you find no use for 
> but we do and want them and we use these exclusively and have never 
> used the others. ...
> Ctrl-Shift-Up and Ctrl-Shift-Down are the shortcuts for Roll up/down 
> that GG and I will now have to use instead to get what makes sense for 
> our usage case.
Sorry, but I can't imagine in which case you (or an user) use this feature.

Really thank you!


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