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The analogy with having the right "bit" for a screwdriver is a great
analogy by Stefan!  I have a screwdriver set that has 25 variation of bits
and still may not have the newest strange one and then there are at least
10 that have never been used.  This seems quite analogous to cinelerra-gg.

1) Stability is pretty good in my opinion.
2) You can view comparison yourself by reviewing:
but really only GG works reliably and with a great manual:
3) You should just try it simply by downloading:
changing the mode to executable (chmod +x CinGG-202010331-x86_64.AppImage)
and then running it.
4) Since I know next to nothing about animation, the opinion of Stefan is
most valuable.  There is a very short description in section 17.5 of the
manual describing Festival (simple animation) that was written over 20
years ago so is most likely irrelevant to you.

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> How good is cinelerra[-gg] for animation post production? I mean
> traditional animation taken with a camera and then has to be edited on a
> computer. Also, if I expect stability, how good is cinelerra-gg for that?
> Would I be better off with a different version of cinelerra rather than
> cinelerra-gg? Thank you.
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