[Cin] html manual on gang modes

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 02:15:01 CEST 2021

> but again, I never used Ardour (or any audio DAW) but I thought idea of
> locked/protected tracks still common there? At very minimum it gives you
> more fine control about editing...
That has been the problem here -- not having used Ardour, not sure of all
of the details but it was programmed here with what could be done
(modifying a program that was originally designed so many years ago when
computers were still living in caves).

> note, my implementation of hidden preference actually done in
> localsession, too, just like gang_mode itself.
> Also I think this line has a typo (ares instead of are) ?
> "More details ares described next about master tracks"
Thanks for pointing this out as every little bit helps.  I fixed it and
checked it into GIT (finally something I know how to do!)

> Finally, is there a way to numerate chapters in html output? ( so
> reference to numbered chapter can be easily found by browser's search
> function.)
Not sure if this is possible, but latex2html has a lot of possible
options.  My concern would be that it would change the html actual name
which would create the problem of the Alt/h hotkey no longer working.  If
possible, I could create another version on the website just for this
purpose.  Sometimes it is easier to use the PDF version but that probably
will not work on Android.
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