[Cin] in/out point selected plugin attach fix?

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 01:39:17 CEST 2021

> Yes, you are right, but I think that as works GANG modes is correct, and
> the Manual speaks very well: the NOTES are good to understand better as
> it works.
> And like AndreaPAz wrote, your patches 1 and 2 "for in_out_selection"
> are really good. Thanks, Andrew_R!
I have checked into GIT in_out_selection.diff and in_out_selection-2.diff
since they fixed a bug.  Thanks!

> For the question about using "GANG Channels" and "GANG Media" with
> Highligh (high priority) and/or In-Out points (low priority) selection
> to insert an Effect (Plugin):
> I would write in the Manual that it works with DragAndDrop from the
> Resources to Timeline.
> If you are using  Menu-> Audio-> Attach Effect..., and you want
> propagate the effect to its Slave track the "Attach single standalone
> and share others", in the Dialog window, have to be checked.
> If you are using RMB on the Master track to add an Effect, only on this
> track  will be inserted the Effect. In this last case could be better
> changing the behaviour, and share the Effect to its Slave track but I am
> not sure.
I have checked into GIT for the manual, the suggestion under NOTES + some
clarification as:

When adding a Plugin/Effect in Gang Channels or Gang Media mode to the track,
highlighted selected region, or In/Out pointers area via dragging the plugin
from the Resources Window the plugin will be added on the master and all
slave tracks. If using the Audio or Video pulldown, Attach Effect option
and you want to propagate the effect to all slave tracks, make sure that the
checkbox for "Attach single standalone and share others" in the Dialog window
is checked. However, currently when using the right mouse button (RMB) on
the master track to Attach effect, the effect will only be inserted on that

Under "Arm Track" description added (this should be added elsewhere because
it appears to be a long-standing policy, but not sure where to put it):

Note that disarming a track does not prevent you from dragging or attaching
an Effect/Plugin onto a disarmed track - this is not considered an edit for
this case.

> > In theory I can try to implement some kind of checkbox/toggle
> >         between those two modes (named like 'respect armed state in
> >         gang modes'), but for now may be patch listing in manul ('if
> >         you want to change default behavior just change those lines,
> >         like shown here') will be enough..?
> I think it is not a good idea, sorry; it might create more confusion. The
> GANG modes are very clear and they are written in the Manual. Like me, if
> you want to use the usual behaviour you use "GANG None" which is the
> deafult.
I agree with Igor in that I certainly will get even more confused.  Gang
methods need to be checked out more by users who are expert on usage from
the DAW world.   I do not think we should add more options or flexibility
until better definitions are presented.
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