[Cin] Test rendering whit x265

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 00:38:57 CEST 2021

Checked into GIT 0042-Add-openEXR-format-for-background-render.patch from
randrik15 (or 0044 from randrik14)
   -- this adds EXR Sequence as a choice in Settings->Preferences,
Performance tab, for Background Rendering File Format
Checked into GIT 0063-libvpx-disable-examples-and-unit-tests.patchfrom
randrik15 (or 0065 from randrik14)
   -- this disables building unit-tests and examples in libvpx, thus saving
quite a lot of disk space and some time
   -- this required a change to the "multibit" compile patch to apply that
patch correctly to thirdparty/Makefile

Maybe it would be better to introduce the Cinelerra-CV method, in which you
> test single patch (or at least on a single feature), and
> then the result of the tests is discussed and possibly implemented. Only
> after that we move on to other patches....
> What do you think?
It is hard to keep up with Andrew's changes, but glad to have them so CinGG
improves and keeps up with the library releases.
It would be easier to get one at a time though.

For example as long as I was applying the 0063 patch, I had to check  (1)
0032-Add-multilib-x265-slower-compilation-but-you-can-ren.patch (initial
patch which was checked in as compile_multibit.patch to prevent confusion),
(2) 0060-Add-x265-3.5-multilib-patch3-should-be-faster-at-com.patch (which
seemed to remove "make"), (3) 0061-x265-patch3-was-malformed.patch (which
only seemed to add "make -j 1" back for 32-bit) and (4)
0064-sigh-i-deleted-make-in-x265_3.5.patch3-restored.patch (which was such
an interesting name !! and replaced "make -j 1 with "make").  Needless to
say, I got a little lost.

FFmpeg 4.4 update - the freelancer who "supposedly" had a fix for bluray
patch2, got Covid and today said he was recuperating but still sent to
fix.  Another freelancer who "supposedly" knows ffmpeg, is looking at the
problem but does not expect a quick fix.  Bummer.
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