[Cin] oh, I see ffmpeg 4.4 in?

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 10:57:46 CEST 2021

Video Transition:
Forgive me, I'm so stupid I hadn't thought of the obvious. Thank you
Andrew for your patience. All video transitions work fine, I was only
not seeing their effect because I was cutting (X) one same edit and
thus its continuity did not show the effect of the transition. Excuse

I remember that even the first time expanders.txt was introduced I had
broken the formatting with some changes. I use Kwrite for plain text;
apparently it has different support for text encodings than what is
used in expanders.txt

Cinepak works and gets to the end of the rendering. Only on my system
it is so slow that it seems to freeze and not work. It took me 8 min
to render a 9 second video! With the other codecs it takes me about
4-9 seconds.... (Note: ffmpeg-4.4 adds encoding to new formats:
cineform HD; SpeedHQ and PFM. I'll try to make some presets later).

Last frame rendering:
The video (290 frames) with the last red frame, was rendered in CinGG.
Then it was re-imported in CinGG and the last red frame is visible;
the frame count is right: always 290 frames. Even with external playes
the last red frame is visible. I would say it's a counting problem,
but the result is right. So for me it is OK.

[There's too much confusion in my head lately; I better take a break....]

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