[Cin] oh, I see ffmpeg 4.4 in?

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Sat Aug 28 12:00:35 CEST 2021

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, Andrea paz via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>

> Video Transition:
> Forgive me, I'm so stupid I hadn't thought of the obvious. Thank you
> Andrew for your patience. All video transitions work fine, I was only
> not seeing their effect because I was cutting (X) one same edit and
> thus its continuity did not show the effect of the transition. Excuse
> me!
> Expanders.txt:
> I remember that even the first time expanders.txt was introduced I had
> broken the formatting with some changes. I use Kwrite for plain text;
> apparently it has different support for text encodings than what is
> used in expanders.txt
> Cinepak:
> Cinepak works and gets to the end of the rendering. Only on my system
> it is so slow that it seems to freeze and not work. It took me 8 min
> to render a 9 second video! With the other codecs it takes me about
> 4-9 seconds.... (Note: ffmpeg-4.4 adds encoding to new formats:
> cineform HD; SpeedHQ and PFM. I'll try to make some presets later).
> Last frame rendering:
> The video (290 frames) with the last red frame, was rendered in CinGG.
> Then it was re-imported in CinGG and the last red frame is visible;
> the frame count is right: always 290 frames. Even with external playes
> the last red frame is visible. I would say it's a counting problem,
> but the result is right. So for me it is OK.
> [There's too much confusion in my head lately; I better take a break....]

sorry for such high load...

On the last item - can you re-test 'last frame rendering' with longer (7500
frames) timeline? not urgent, when you will have time....

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