[Cin] New AppImage release with mostly only changes for Android/Termux builds

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 10:56:12 CET 2021

>do "inxi -F >inxi.txt"
>do "sudo journalctl -xb" >journal.txt"

I attach the 2 files.
(Don't waste your time with my problems; the best thing to do is to
remove the VM, since I'm just messing around and finding problems that
aren't there...)

With "nomodeset" you disable the GPU completely and everything happens
via software (CPU).
I don't know the type of your video card, but both "amdgpu" and
"radeon" drivers require "early Kernel Mode Settings (KMS)" otherwise
there are boot problems.
If you have a Southern Islands (SI) or Sea Islands (CIK) card, you
must also load the appropriate kernel modules.
See the Arch's wiki:
(I know the wiki by heart from how many problems I had with my AMD! ;-})
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