[Cin] 32 bit Debian 11 problems

M Nieuwenhoven mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Fri Dec 3 19:36:13 CET 2021

On my Debian11-32 setup I got the sound now, no idea what cause the silence yesterday. So it seems I have a fully functional system.

I have tested the AppImage on native hardware (AMD 2200G, 16 G RAM), and it
seems to work fine. CinGG video interface X11, hardware video acceleration not available due to firmware problems with the AMD GPU driver. Screen 1280x1024. Started from terminal to see if any errors.
Only git source was use, no patches.

1. /home/mat/Videos/big_buck_bunny_1080p_stereo.ogg, 1080p50 . Smooth forward _and_ backward (tested normal speed). Not too heavy CPU use. 

2. Stream3_AV3_HD_6.3mbps.webm from Elencard. This is an AV1 coded movie, smooth forward, plays backward but sometimes stops shortly.  95% CPU.

3, Stream3_AV1_4K_13.9mbps.webm. Plays smoothly forward (4K AV1, and no hardware assist, I am impressed). 100% CPU. Backwards badly stuttering.

4. Passengers_Breakfast_4K.mkv This is an HDR movie. Cannot be played real time with this setup, but that is the same on my 2 x faster test machine. Sound and picture sync problems.

5. MP3 sound file, plays perfectly.

I did not see any CinGG errors in the terminal, some ffmpes warnings. No crashes, rock stable.
I'll do some more experimenting, but so far,works as planned.


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