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I send my findings with this link directly to Phyllis in Julu, but I guess
Terje may try this  method on his sources too

Authoring a working HD-DVD using DVDAuthor?

main feature seems to be menu!

[..] forum, and many users are interested in creating DVD menus (which
DVDStyler does at high quality), but the videos should be HD. DVDStyler has
an experimental HD feature which builds on the deprecated HD-DVD standard.
The results of course do not play on hardware DVD players, but most player
software and even hardware BD players can play them.

The problem is DVDAuthor. FFmpeg encodes and muxes just fine in HD, but
DVDAuthor limits the size of the result to the DVD limit which means that a
maximum of 9 VOB files at 1024 MB each is supported. DVDAuthor does not
throw any error message if the result is bigger, but it will not continue
playback once this limit is reached. The VOBs in the VIDEO_TS folder all
play fine, even the ones with a higher number than 9. But for the IFOs
these VOBs are out of range.
{... }

Originally Posted by Emulgator View Post
Manolito, maybe you can try to pre-concatenate those .VOBs to >1GiB to keep
their number below or equal 9 ?
Binary concatenation is all the filesystem does anyway while mounting any
group of _1.to _9.VOBs.

This suggestion does exactly what I was after. My current test:

I used a 2hour 5min project with 4 source clips. Full HD at an average
bitrate of 27000 kbps and a max bitrate of 28000 kbps (wanted to preserve a
little headroom compared to the HD-DVD specs because ffmpeg tends to
overshoot the specified bitrates). Very basic VMG menu which just lets me
select the clip I want to play.

Result came out at 25 VOBs, size about 24 GB. I used a binary file joiner
to concatenate the VOBs so I had only 9 VOBs after joining. It also worked
when joining all the 25 VOBs to just one.

The resulting 3xHD-DVD Structure worked perfectly in MPC-HC and in VLC. The
menu did what it was supposed to do, even the chapters were preserved
accurately. Quality was excellent, the average quantizer was below 4. And
there was no need to use PgcEdit or VOBBlanker to repair the structure or
fix the IFOs.

In this test I used only 1 VTS for all the 4 titles. This is alright
because for HD output you only want to use an AR of 16:9. Just now I am
running a second test conversion where only 1 title per VTS is used. Of
course I will also have to concatenate the VOBs in every VTS which has more
than 9 VOBs. I am quite confident that this will work, too.

So it looks like this poor man's method to create high quality HD results
with elaborate menus has been established now. Big thanks to Emulgator and
Sir Didymus for your very helpful suggestions...


Yes, like I expected using only 1 title per VTS works well, too. Just make
sure that no VTS holds more than 9 VOBs, if it does you need to concatenate
the VOBs so a maximum of 9 VOBs is present.
Another thing I tried does not work, at least not with my hardware. I tried
to convert the 3xHD-DVD structure to a BD structure using DVDtoBD Express.
No errors, but the resulting BDMV folder would not play correctly, neither
under MCP-HC or VLC, and my old Xtreamer streaming box also had problems.
None of these players could play the menu which DVDStyler had created and
which was then converted by DVDtoBD Express. I suspect that DVDtoBD Express
is to blame, but there might be other reasons.
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