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Andrew, all of this sounds very instructive.  Wish I had more time to delve
into right now.

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> I send my findings with this link directly to Phyllis in Julu, but I guess
> Terje may try this  method on his sources too
> https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=182529
> Authoring a working HD-DVD using DVDAuthor?
> main feature seems to be menu!
> ====
> [..] forum, and many users are interested in creating DVD menus (which
> DVDStyler does at high quality), but the videos should be HD. DVDStyler has
> an experimental HD feature which builds on the deprecated HD-DVD standard.
> The results of course do not play on hardware DVD players, but most player
> software and even hardware BD players can play them.
> The problem is DVDAuthor. FFmpeg encodes and muxes just fine in HD, but
> DVDAuthor limits the size of the result to the DVD limit which means that a
> maximum of 9 VOB files at 1024 MB each is supported. DVDAuthor does not
> throw any error message if the result is bigger, but it will not continue
> playback once this limit is reached. The VOBs in the VIDEO_TS folder all
> play fine, even the ones with a higher number than 9. But for the IFOs
> these VOBs are out of range.
> {... }
> Quote:
> Originally Posted by Emulgator View Post
> Manolito, maybe you can try to pre-concatenate those .VOBs to >1GiB to
> keep their number below or equal 9 ?
> Binary concatenation is all the filesystem does anyway while mounting any
> group of _1.to _9.VOBs.
> This suggestion does exactly what I was after. My current test:
> I used a 2hour 5min project with 4 source clips. Full HD at an average
> bitrate of 27000 kbps and a max bitrate of 28000 kbps (wanted to preserve a
> little headroom compared to the HD-DVD specs because ffmpeg tends to
> overshoot the specified bitrates). Very basic VMG menu which just lets me
> select the clip I want to play.
> Result came out at 25 VOBs, size about 24 GB. I used a binary file joiner
> to concatenate the VOBs so I had only 9 VOBs after joining. It also worked
> when joining all the 25 VOBs to just one.
> The resulting 3xHD-DVD Structure worked perfectly in MPC-HC and in VLC.
> The menu did what it was supposed to do, even the chapters were preserved
> accurately. Quality was excellent, the average quantizer was below 4. And
> there was no need to use PgcEdit or VOBBlanker to repair the structure or
> fix the IFOs.
> In this test I used only 1 VTS for all the 4 titles. This is alright
> because for HD output you only want to use an AR of 16:9. Just now I am
> running a second test conversion where only 1 title per VTS is used. Of
> course I will also have to concatenate the VOBs in every VTS which has more
> than 9 VOBs. I am quite confident that this will work, too.
> So it looks like this poor man's method to create high quality HD results
> with elaborate menus has been established now. Big thanks to Emulgator and
> Sir Didymus for your very helpful suggestions...
> Cheers
> manolito
> //EDIT//
> Yes, like I expected using only 1 title per VTS works well, too. Just make
> sure that no VTS holds more than 9 VOBs, if it does you need to concatenate
> the VOBs so a maximum of 9 VOBs is present.
> Another thing I tried does not work, at least not with my hardware. I
> tried to convert the 3xHD-DVD structure to a BD structure using DVDtoBD
> Express. No errors, but the resulting BDMV folder would not play correctly,
> neither under MCP-HC or VLC, and my old Xtreamer streaming box also had
> problems. None of these players could play the menu which DVDStyler had
> created and which was then converted by DVDtoBD Express. I suspect that
> DVDtoBD Express is to blame, but there might be other reasons.
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