[Cin] Video Workflow Recources (guides) with Linux (Renomath, 2012)

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Sat Dec 11 22:01:41 CET 2021

These were all looked at around July/August 2016 and I know for a fact
that:   http://renomath.org/video/linux/dv/chroma.html    was incorporated
as stated in the Release Notes for July 2016:

> Chroma bug yuv420p interlace colormodel fix for DVDs via additional option
> “dvd yuv420.”

Release Notes for August 2016:

> Additional plugin, yuv411, that performs interpolation and inpainting for
> DV source improved
> chroma upsampling results (courtesy Eric Olson website as pointed out by
> Igor_Ubuntu). It also has an
> additional setting called offset which shifts the chroma planes to the
> right by one or two pixels (set to 0
> for DV source downloaded from a camcorder and set to 1 for a DV file
> encoded by ffmpeg). Works
> with the YUV-8 Bit or YUVA-8 Bit color models in Cinelerra but not with
> any of the RGB color
> models. Improved upsampling of the chroma planes helps with the 4:1:1 to
> 4:2:0 color space
> conversion needed to create DVD compliant mpeg2 video streams. You will
> not get any improvements
> if the project is being rendered back to DV format.

On Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 12:02 PM Andrea paz via Cin <
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> So many interesting tutorials on the site you pointed out! Thank you.
> I'll highlight a few pages. I guess these patches, in CinGG, are
> useless:
> http://renomath.org/video/linux/cinelerra/
> http://renomath.org/video/linux/interlace/cinelerra.html (color space
> conversion)
> http://renomath.org/video/linux/dv/chroma.html
> There is also a collection of scripts:
> http://renomath.org/video/linux/bin/
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