[Cin] 2 little issue

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 01:17:32 CET 2021


> It was just a comment, but I support what's best for everyone on the
> programming level.
> yes for the developer. using is xdg-open is better and avoids later
> problems great.
> you do not need any approval from me friends.
> I repeat again. I apologize if my comment caused any inconvenience

Do not worry.  This is just the way programming works.  Many times, I had
to cover up the dog's ears around here because of the commentary.

I understand your point of view and all of your help, feedback, and advice
has been appreciated and has been used to make CinelerraGG better.  Just a
few comments.

$CIN_BROWSER is a variable that just calls firefox.
Not true, Firefox is the default but the user can set it to anything.

What happens if a person does not have firefox installed on their system?
Cinelerra does not hang and the user does not lose any work and that is
what is most important.

It is simply an variable that should be modernized
It is an environment variable that anyone can modernize on their own.  We
have a lot of old distros out there that we want to continue to work.

so full of veteran users who believe they are proprietaries of the
> application and will do everything possible to sink any idea that does not
> come from them, and much more if it comes from a newcomer.
Not at all true.  We have taken and incorporated all ideas that came from
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