[Cin] Resolution for "help - ?" key in Batch Render Menu

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 03:30:22 CET 2021

(Rather than continuing old discussions over different emails, starting a
new thread of moderation).

GIT checkin of the "help" key addition to the BatchRender menu is complete
with 10 language translations for the Quick Start by RafaMar.
I had to do a lot of testing today to try to make sure there are no hangs,
but I could have missed something so hopefully there are no problems.
Some notes follow:

1) Most likely only new or occasional users will need to take advantage of
the help so there is no impact to the majority of people.  Especially since
with the fast computers these days, Batch Render is considered to be more
of an advanced feature.

2) The majority of people using the help key will already have a browser up
in another window.  But* if no browser is already up*:
    a) the following message:
        ###!!! [Parent][RunMessage] Error: Channel closing: too late to
send/recv, messages will be lost
        may come up in a terminal window as an informational message as you
"browse" around, but should have no effect on Cinelerra.
    b) the following message:
        [Child 8939, MediaDecoderStateMachine #2] WARNING:
Decoder=7f2eba25cc00 Decode error: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_*FATAL*_ERR
(0x806e0005): file
line 3470
        may come up in a terminal window as an informational message as you
"browse" around, but should have no effect on Cinelerra.  I tracked this
down in my situation to YouTube videos using newer plugins that I did not
have hooked up to my browser which would not play and instead just said
"Something went wrong".  So basically, error messages that were probably
there all along but you just did not see, might now be visible.

To clear up and get no more of these messages, you can quit out of
Cinelerra and then take the browser down and bring it back up as you
normally would -- at least this is what worked for me.

Note to *Andrea*: if you have a chance to confirm the above, that would be
highly appreciated.
Note to *Walter*:  there really is the possibility of a hang in Cinelerra
where the user could lose work so xdg-open instead of the environment
variable had to be used.  This was true of firefox which is the only
browser I tested.  All of the Shell Commands continue to use CIN_BROWSER
and I could not get any hang with the same usage there.  Most likely you
will not need to use the Batch Render help key anyway.

I am moving back to test "multiple backups" as provided by Andras and
Andrew.  Then hopefully the library upgrade as Andrew wrote about a few
days ago.
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