[Cin] [PATCH] [buildsystem] patch for building nasm 2.14.02 as thirdparty app

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 05:14:00 CET 2021

This patch adds in somewhat hackish way support for
building nasm as part of thirdparty/ tree, combined with earlier openjpeg-2.4.0

It worked without autgen.sh on my machine, but if you use github [0]
tarballs ./autogen.sh step is needed.

Also, dav1d-0.5.1 patch hardcoded nasm path to /usr/bin/nasm

I un-hardcoded it, so it actually can be build with newly-compiled nasm ...

seems to work on Ubuntu 16.04.7 amd64 ? At least simple ./configure
doesn't fail in dav1d dir ....


also you can get xz traball from

{one can wonder why one need x86 asm on PPC, but may be for cross-compiling}
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