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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 05:37:20 CET 2021

To quote Andrew:

> *... **TEST WITH CAUTION!!!!*
> So using the original patch of Andras, with the additional code from Andrew,
+ a small "hack", there is a new Autosave Backup function.
*It would be beneficial if both Andras and Andrew could look at this code
again *to see if it looks good because this is the first time I have had to
make a diff git patch + I added the Preferences feature.

- default is NO autosave
- change Settings->Preferences, Appearance Tab, under Dangerous to turn on
Autosave Multiple Backups
Why? -- because even though Andrew has limited the number of backups to 50,
the code to delete more than that ONLY gets run when you startup
Cinelerra.  So if you start Cinelerra, leave the computer up and going, you
could conceivably have millions of backups and fill up the disk and that is
never good.  So that is why the default is disabled -- of course, there
still will be the new users who forget to save and will not know to enable
the Autosave feature but they can also do an "rm" and that has no backup.
- I did test it with Perpetual Backup also and it seemed to work

Attached is the patch file.  To apply, cd to the cinelerra subdirectory
(where all the .C and .h code files are) and run from a window:
    gunzip /{location of the file}/autosave_backups.diff.gz
    patch -p1 <  /{location of the file}/autosave_backups.diff

And to quote Andrew again:*  ... **TEST WITH CAUTION!!!!*
Feedback is needed.  Thanks, Phyllis
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